The Reasons for RFID technology in Warehouse Management

What Problems Manufacturers Meet In Traditional Warehouses Management?

  • Many goods and storage locations in the warehouse searched by manual is inefficient.
  • The data of goods checked in and out of warehousing mainly are recorded by manual that easy lead to errors and omissions often occur.
  • The collected data entered into the ERP system by manual increases the probability of errors.
  • It is impossible to accurately know the inventory situation in real time, unable to arrange reasonably purchases, sales, and shipments.
  • Chaotic inventory result high operating cost.

Advantages of RFID

  • Automatic contactless data collection and RFID tag read / write operation in invisible situation.
  • Unique identification way, fast reading, high recognition rate.
  • New data is writable into the RFID tag.
  • Hundreds of UHF RFID tags can be read in second, high speed and efficiently.
  • Durable RFID tags can resistant to light, high/low temperature, humidity, dust, grease, chemical, especially suitable for special environments in various industries.

Why More And More Companies Are Using RFID Technology In Warehouse Management?

  • Streamline processes and improve efficiency.
  • Cargo positioning, fast searching.
  • Inventory controlling is reliable.
  • Provide the correct number and type of items.
  • Cost-price transparency.
  • Reduce inventory cost.
  • Paperless management save labor and paper.
  • Improve service level, improve employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises and better attract high-end customers.
  • Improve corporate credibility and shape a good corporate image
  • Enhance the reputation of the enterprise and foster a good image of the enterprise.

Types of RFID Tags Commonly Used In Inventory Management:
Case RFID tags for carton tracking

With disposable using and cost-effective solution, HYAN SMARTECH provides flexible paper / PET RFID tags for carton management in warehouse and supply chain solutions. The label can be attached directly to the carton surface and can be easily read and products information collected by UHF reader. For the tags attached to the box with metal or liquid products insides of the package, stacked to inventory, HYAN SMARTECH can provide specific solutions for these projects, which need customers to provide specific application information.

Product RFID tags

Flexible RFID tags can be fixed on the single product directly. Regarding to large equipment or metal products, HYAN SMARTECH can offers flexible and printable RFID anti-metal tags, with outstanding read distance up to 8 meters.

RFID pallet tracking tags

RFID pallet tracking tags for your plastic and returnable pallets: robust anti-collision plastic housing RFID hard tag is mounted by screw installation or insert into wooden or plastic returnable pallet. Durable laminated PVC tags are generally economical selection by screw or glue installation.

At present, RFID technology has been applied to many industries, such as automobile manufacturing, clothing, tobacco, pharmaceuticals, etc. Due to the different industries, the requirements for RFID tags are diversified. HYAN SMARTECH has been engaged in the R & D and production of RFID products for more than 20 years and can provide various RFID tags. Such as Paper flexible RFID tag, RFID Anti-metal tags, garment RFID tags, RFID labels for wine, laminated PVC RFID tags, plastic housing tags for pallet management, etc. HYAN SMARTECH can help you to solve the annoying problems of how to choose RFID tags. Custom logo, available data printing and encoding are available.

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