RFID Technology in Museums and Galleries

Museums and galleries treasures numerous high value masterpieces which are very important and indispensable part of our history and tradition. Some of these works are displayed for temporary, and some are loaned from other other museums, or donated privately. In their lifetime, they could be displayed, sold, loaned, repaired, stored. And it is very necessary to store these works in right environment and look after very carefully. RFID in museum records all information to these antiques, like description, collection source and accession etc. to help museums and galleries to management them efficiently

The Merits of RFID in museum
Efficient management: UHF RFID tags are very helpful for speed inventory, trace and track and anti-theft etc..
Positioning: RFID Tags could match with booth location which is easily find the right antique. And the alarm system will be triggered by any movement.
Movement control: RFID in museum reduces unnecessary touching of the works, thus avoiding the damage risks.
Connection with visitors: Visitors could know detailed information about these works, like background, video, photos etc., by using their NFC mobile read the NFC RFID Tags.

1: Artwork trace and track

RFID tag format:
Thin flexible RFID Tag / Tamper proof RFID Tag / RFID UHF Flag Tag / on Metal RFID Tag / Plastic RFID Card / RFID Hang Tag / RFID Seal Tag

Could be customized based on different request.

RFID tag installation: Adhesive, hang, encapsulated inside the pedestal

2: Access control

Automatic access (channel)
Fixed RFID UHF Reader / Antenna

Portable RFID UHF terminal

RFID Ticket
The Merits of RFID Access Control Paper Ticket

– Help the museums and galleries know their customers more, and know their engagement.

– RFID tickets with anti-counterfeit function.

– RFID badge tags makes the visiting very interesting.

– Artistic design makes the RFID ticket a part of museum’s culture.

Disposable RFID Wristband

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