RFID for Gas Cylinder Tracking and Management

Cylinders mostly used in harsh environment for industrial gas manufacture and delivery. Major investment made in this reusable asset that about 25% annual cost will be used for depreciation and maintenance. Furthermore, since gas cylinder explosions and leakage accidents happens time to time, cylinders’ utilization and visibility are critical. RFID deployment is positive to trace and track the whole process, seamless tracking cylinder supply chain and logistics. It is optimized for functional departments supervision, and safety in production contributes to the steady development of enterprises.

In traditional method, it takes long time to read, write and input the data which is easily have mistakes. What’s worse these process keep repeating during receiving, filling, delivering and tracking which causes error rate considerably increases. If cylinders delivered to wrong customer may causes serious result.

Challenges of Gas Cylinder Management

* Long time spent on operation and low working efficiency caused by slow cylinder identification.

* Inaccuracy and inefficiency tracking results cylinder low efficiency.

* Unable to test cylinders in time leads to safety hazards.

* Traditional paper label easily indiscernible by damaged or missing.

* Human error easily happen.

* Records kept in customer, distributor and company difficult to coordinate.

* Difficult to ensure the exactly time and place that cylinder damaged.

* Ultra long time inventory.

HYAN SMARTECH RFID tracking and management system optimized to cylinder identification by using on metal RFID Tags. Each RFID Tag contains an UID which record all information during the filling, check and delivery processes. In the mean time, the legal authentication of cylinder is realized by digital signature. On this basis, the whole process of cylinder filling, inspection, storage and distribution, logistics can be transparency and safety supervision.

The gas cylinder RFID system including 6 parts: cylinder issue, cylinder delivery, cylinder filling, cylinder inspection, cylinder dispatch and usage.

HYAN SMARTECH RFID Tags Recommendation

Sucker RFID Tag
Omni-directional Performance: Can be read from the rare side of metal objects.
Outstanding group reading performance.
Custom designed mounted on a huge metal part.
Dimension: 39x64x4.9mm, 64x57x10.3mm, 38x57x10.3mm or customized

Plastic Housing RFID Tag
Dimension: 40x34x7mm or custom
Material: ABS, PC, Nylon or custom
Antenna: Aluminum etching
Reading Range: Up to 5m
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