UHF RFID Dry Inlay

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UHF RFID dry inlay is a semi-finished product that can be converted into a ticket, a label, a card, a badge, etc. Are offered in a wide variety of sizes tailored to fit any applications. As the RFID applications expand in every area, the RFID inlay is the core the cheapest and most flexible solution for RFID applications.

UHF RFID dry inlay: Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID has a read range up to approximately 3.3m. UHF has become the most used option in Auto-ID applications due to its long read range and reduced costs. UHF does have more issues with interference, but a well designed system can overcome these problems. UHF RFID is also well suited for mounting on label stock, making it the perfect item / container-level tagging option.


Antenna Material Aluminum
Substrate Material PET
Operation Frequency 860-960MHz
Standard ISO18000-6C etc.
Chip Available Alien Higgs 3/4, NXP UCODE 7, IMPINJ MONZA4/5 etc.
Personalization Options Customer Logo, Serial Number, Barcode etc.
Applications Supply Chain, Warehouse, Document Identification, Logistics Management etc.

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