RFID Waste Bin Tag

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RFID waste bin tag is developed with rugged plastic housing to protect it from dirt, rain and other extreme weather conditions.

This tag is ideal for waste management solutions. It enables automatic measurement of weight of waste; promoting efficiency and control over the in-transit tracking of Waste Management Containers and Bins. The movement and user duration (lifespan) of the bins and containers can be monitored within the user locations. Low frequency (LF 125KHz), high frequency (HF 13.56MHz) or UHF(868~915MHz) configurations are available.


Material Nylon + Epoxy Filling
Dimension Diameter 30mm, Thickness 15mm, Hole Diameter 5mm
Color Default color is black, Customization is also ok
Weight 10g
Working Frequency 125KHz / 13.56MHz / UHF
Reading Distance 5~10cm(LF); 5cm(HF); 2m ~ 3m(UHF)
Operation Frequency -25C° to + 120C°
Storage Temperature -40C° to + 200C°
Mounting Method Screw-in
Personalization Options Laser logo or number
Key Features Perform in the harshest environments, including harsh chemicals, painting processes, outdoor exposure.
Heavy-based construction provides both stability and safety.
Dust & Waterproof.
Flexible Read / Write Range (reader dependent).
Application Waste Bin Management, Asset Tracking, Tracking Garbage Bin, Item Level Tagging, etc.

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