RFID PPS Laundry Tag

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RFID PPS laundry tag is designed for harsh environment. To achieve good performance in the extreme environment such as high temperature, wafer, oil, chemic solutions etc. The rfid laundry tag basically meets all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance as needed in applications of RFID tracking of garments in the textile rental and laundry industries.

Different dimensions option allow for optimum ratio of size/reading performance requested by the application.


Material PPS
Dimensions Diameter 20/ 22/ 23.5/ 25.5/ 26mm or Customized
Reading Distance 5-300cm depends on the reader
Color Default black; If other colors, MOQ is 3000pcs
Attachment Sewn in/on, Heat Sealed
Protection IP65 (condition: water pressure 45bar, 10h)
Operating Temperature (-30°C to +200°C)
Peak Temperature 160°C 3h, 220°C 30min
Key Features Self-adhesive layer for easy tack
Weather resistant
Available in different diameters
Full colour personalisation possibilities
Mechanical Stability Axial compression strength: 1000N
Radial compression strength: 500N
Chemical Resistance Typical chemicals used in laundry and dry-cleaning processes
Personaliztion Options Silk-Screen Printing / Laser Engrave
Applications – Laundry Application
– Property Tracking
– Item Identification
– Process Flow Improvement

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