RFID Cable Tie Tag

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RFID cable tie tag, which is permanently fastened to an object for tracking purpose. RFID cable tie tag is special cable structure makes it easy for installation. Second encapsulation technology enables it operated in dust, water and wide range temperature environment.

The RFID tag is made of nylon or PVC, optional with different colors like yellow/ red/ white/ blue. They can be used in water and harsh outdoor environment. It is particularly designed for plants, flowers, cables tracking. With the band inserted, the tracking material can be fixed very reliable like straps.

It can handle various applications. Such as the inventory system, cable management system etc, The key advantage is: it is a wafer/dust proof tag, and can be straped to the object you want to identify in very harsh environment.


Material Plastic, Nylon, ABS, etc
Working Frequency HF 13.56Mhz / UHF 860-960MHZ
Chip NTAG 213/215/216, Ultralight EV1, Alien H3,  M4QT, etc.
Size 72*32mm,105*30mm,56*30mm or Customized Size.
Working Temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Optional Crafts Digit printing, Laser printing, Barcode, QR Code, Encoding Data, etc.
Applications Warehouse management, Pallet, In-land Transportation, Cash Bags, Postal Bags,

Case Tagging, Gas Cylinder Tracking, and Asset Management etc.

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