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NFC smart ring is a fashionable and wearable electronic product which is able to connect with a smartphone through Near Field Communication (NFC) to complete function performing and data sharing. Designed with high-level water resistance, it can be used without any power supply. Embedded with NFC chip, it can only be connected to a smartphone with NFC function.

Detailed operations:
Place the smart ring within the NFC area of a smartphone to perform: screen unlocking, app lock unlocking, app quickly launching, name card and URL information sending and reading, etc.

Instructions for use:
a) First, check if your smartphone has NFC function. It can usually be found in the system settings. If no relevant options are found, contact with the manufacturer post-sale support, or search on Google if the smartphone model has NFC function and confirm its NFC area.
b) If your smartphone has NFC function, turn on the NFC switch, search your app store for the software which apply NFC, download and install them.
c) Start the NFC APP, perform actions according to the instructions.
d) Since NFC is a near field communication technology, make sure to place the top side of the ring chip right close to the NFC area when reading any data to avoid the failure in reading and writing.

Kindly Note: Only apply for Android System & Smart Phones with NFC function.


Material Stainless steel
Applications Replacement of ID card,
Lock & Unlock NFC smart phones,
Connection with NFC smart phone APPs.
Chip Inside NFC Chips
Laser Logo Available
Charging No need
Other Features 100,000 times read/ write
Note When you inquiry,please kindly let me know the following information:
1)Your application;
2)The effect you want to accomplish
3)The size you requiring
4)Which kinds of chip model you prefer
5)Your requirement about read distance.


Available Dimensions:

US Standard
Code No.
Inner Diameter
Ring Width
Ring Thickness
HK Standard
Code No.
Inner Diameter
5# 15.7 13 1.8 7# 14.5
5.5# 16.1 8# 14.9
6# 16.5 9# 15.2
6.5# 16.9 10# 15.6
7# 17.3 11# 15.9
7.5# 17.7 12# 16.3
8# 18.1 13# 16.6
8.5# 18.5 14# 17
9# 18.9 15# 17.4
9.5# 19.5 16# 17.7
10# 19.9 17# 18
10.5# 20.3 18# 18.4
11# 20.7 19# 18.7
11.5# 21.1 20# 19.1
12# 21.5 21# 19.5
12.5# 21.9 22# 19.8
13# 22.3 23# 20.1
13.5# 22.7 24# 20.5
14# 23.1 25# 20.9
14.5# 23.5 26# 21.2
15# 23.9 27# 21.6
15.5# 24.4
1. The width of the ring can be adjusted according to the width of the chip,
but the width is recommended not to increase.
2. Rings refer to the US and American countries generally use the US standard.
Asians generally use the Hong Kong code standard. If it is not convenient to distinguish,
the inner diameter can be used directly.

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