How is a Day with NFC Technology?

To really see how near field communication is simplifying so much of our busy lives, let’s follow businessman Stan throughout a typical day working as a real estate agent. Stan can use near field communication to help cut down on unnecessary hassles whether he’s on the job selling homes or spending a night at the movies with his wife. Let’s see how near field communication comes into play throughout his day.

Stan’s alarm clock wakes him early in the morning when it’s time to head to work. After showering and dressing, Stan heads outside and uses his NFC enabled smartphone to unlock the doors to his truck and start the engine. The truck’s running and ready to go before he ever sets foot inside.

At the office, Stan uses his smartphone to unlock his office door by swiping the phone over a special keypad. Inside he answers a few emails and gathers up the signs he needs to put in front of new properties for sale. Then it’s back to his vehicle and soon he arrives at the first house.

Stan sets up the sign in the yard to attract customer attention. This is no ordinary sign. A special NFC tag embedded in this “smart” sign lets potential customers swipe their phones over the sign and instantly receive up-to-date information about the property, its price, and who to contact for a tour.

After finishing his rounds at the other houses, Stan heads back to the office to finish up. He tracks his time on the clock by swiping in with his smartphone and soon it’s time to clock out for the day. Before leaving the office, Stan buys two movie tickets, one for himself and one for his wife.

That night Stan and his wife, Sharon, board the subway, both using their near field communication compatible smartphones to pay for tickets and gain access to the station. During the ride, Sharon sees a smart poster hanging above her seat for a concert playing that weekend. She waves her smartphone over the poster to find out more about the concert and buys tickets, which she stores on her phone. This eliminates any worry about forgetting or losing the tickets later on.RFID News, NFC News, RFID Application

Soon Stan and Sharon arrive at the movie and swipe their phones — reloaded with movie tickets — to enter. Smart posters in the lobby offer information about upcoming movies. Sharon buys a small popcorn and a bottle of water from the concession stand and pays, of course, with a simple wave of her smartphone. Soon they make their way into the theater to relax and watch the show. All the day’s activities were accomplished using one device with no need to juggle credit cards, subway tickets, or office ID cards. Contactless payment systems like near field communication technology are the next step in simplifying how we interact with the world.