How to produce and test RFID Animal Ear Tags?

How to use? Radio frequency identification tags can be applied anytime following the birth of the animals. Load the applicator according to the manufacturer’s directions. For example, with round, half-duplex RFID tags, the raised portion of the tag, which contains the transponder chip and capacitor, should point outward so that they will not be squeezed in the jaws of the applicator.Putting excessive pressure on the transponder portion of the tag may damage it and make it unreadable by RFID readers. [...]

How is a Day with NFC Technology?

To really see how near field communication is simplifying so much of our busy lives, let’s follow businessman Stan throughout a typical day working as a real estate agent. Stan can use near field communication to help cut down on unnecessary hassles whether he’s on the job selling homes or spending a night at the movies with his wife. Let’s see how near field communication comes into play throughout his day. Stan’s alarm clock wakes him early in the morning [...]

RFID Glass Tags Produced by HYAN SMARTECH

Contactless Glass Tag help manage and safeguard animals. Standard Glass Tag units are enclosed in biocompatible glass, making them harmless to animals. The glass shell is resistant to most chemicals and protects the transponder unimpeachably from humidity and other influencing factors. This robustness combined with its small size, flexibility as well as its capability to perform well on or in metal make this type of transponder unique. RFID-GLASS-TAG product series is available in different sizes and with various integrated circuit technologies [...]

Cloth Wristbands | Fabric Wristbands for Events

RFID Fabric wristbands are the perfect option if you’re looking for a long-term admission solution for festivals, conferences, or other multi-day events. These wristbands are comfortable, water and stretch resistant, and come equipped with a tamper-proof locking tooth to keep admissions secure and simple. Wristbands House’s range of cloth wristbands are fully customizable, meaning you can deck them out with your own logos, designs, slogans, or artwork, giving you the freedom to market your brand or event EXACTLY like [...]

RFID and Warehouses

Warehouse RFID RFID technology has taken off big time in the retail space in the last few years. Some of the biggest brands in the world, such as Target, Macy’s, and Kohl’s rely on RFID tags in their inventory to improve their supply chain. Retailers want to make sure their selling floors are stocked with the right inventory, and ensure what is sold online, is available in-store and vice-versa. The buzzword for this is omnichannel retail. In reality, it’s simply keeping [...]

HYAN SMARTECH Developed a New Laundry Ultra High Frequency RFID Tag

HYAN SMARTECH Developed a New Laundry Ultra High Frequency RFID Tag HYAN SMARTECH recently developed a new Laundry Ultra high frequency RFID tag, it is perfect suitable for towel, bed sheet, clothes, garment laundry use. Our line RFID Tag has the following advantage: 1.Long life span: The tag is tested in real laundries for 201 washing cycles. 2.200 °C temperature resist. 3.Long reading range up to 6 meters. 4.Similar performance but only half price compare for Fujitong RFID laundry Tag.

RFID Labels for Warehouse Management, why NOT Barcode ?

In warehouses, distribution centers, and facilities that have deployed automated inventory management technology, barcode labels have become standard operating procedures. But RFID has become a bigger part of the inventory management equation, especially in retail where a number of large companies are using the tags to track goods at the pallet, case, and even item-level at the retail shelf. While RFID has some big advantages over barcode labels, deciding whether to use the technology in your own inventory operations [...]

RFID Library Labels

HYAN SMARTECH’s RFID Library labels(or tags) are widely used for automatic data capture in library applications (i.e., academic, public, corporate, and other special applications). RFID technology provides an enhanced user experience for library applications and in related industries that require item tracking. For the library market, these tags provide convenient solutions for self check-in/check-out, RFID gate, library article return, product sorting, theft prevention, and queue busting. HYAN’s portfolio delivers reliable label options for all media used in the education [...]